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Understanding Bay Windows

Bay Window Treatment

Bay Windows are an exception to normal windows; with three or more windows on adjacent wall sections creating an angled bay while presenting the appearance of one single window.

The Challenge

Since all the windows are to be treated as a continuation, this poses a bit of challenge for home owners and decorators finding the right hardware.

The Solution

Bay Window Treatment is not as complex as it may seem: All you shall require is an assembly of accurate length Curtain Rods and Swivel Elbows (aka Tube Connectors, Hinged Elbows or Hinged Joints) connecting them at angled vertices.

Generally for a 3-Section Bay Window the angled subtended is 135 degrees. This assembly or formation will present a continuous curved drapery rod and will allow you to buy different slim line curtains (one for each section) that can hang independently on the same Pole.

Drapery Bracket Requirements (Assuming 3-Section Bay Window)

Bracket requirements will vary depending on the Bay Window configuration as well as the length & diameter of the curtain rods. For instance, if you choose a thinner 1/2" Diameter Rod and your middle window is wider than 48 inches, you will need a total of 7 brackets. But on the other hand if you choose a 2" Diameter Rod you will only need 4 brackets.

So the basic rule of thumb is; the larger Diameter Rods require less brackets because they are stronger.

Things to keep in mind...

Before purchasing your Bay Window Hardware take into consideration how you are going to hang your draperies from the rod i.e. using Rings, Rod Pockets, Tab Tops or Grommets. Keep in mind that all of these options will not be able to pass over the brackets for a continuous movement. Opening and closing will only be within the bracketed space.

However, we do have a **Hospital Track and the decorative **Techno Track which can be curved to fit your window and allows all gliders unfettered access across the entire bottom rail of the track. This is because all brackets grab the rod from the top as opposed to the more traditional bracket that is u-shaped or closed.