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The Curtain Rod Shop is Celebrating 30 Years of Design Excellence!

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Update Your Home with Modern Curtain Rods and Curtain Rod Hardware

While many individuals want to modernize their home, many aren’t quite sure where to begin. However, while some may believe that they must make drastic changes in order to make a significant difference, this isn’t always the case. In fact, by just updating your window treatments, you can bring a tired room to life once again.

Small Changes Make Large Effects

By utilizing modern curtain rods and curtain rod hardware you set the stage for curtains and other pieces to fall into place.

  • Curtain Rods – While some may choose to minimize the appearance of their curtain rods, others realize just how much style they can add to a room. With a decorative curtain rod. At The Curtain Rod Shop we have an extensive selection of curtain rods, modern and traditional, available in many different finishes, which allows you to add your personal touch.
  • Curtain Rod Hardware – With so many options available for curtain rod hardware today, you can truly let your imagination run wild. Adding a personal touch with perfect finishing touches of Finials, holdbacks, sconces, and much more will only enhance your window treatments.

The Trusted Online Resource

As an online store solely dedicated to the finest window decorations and hardware around, The Curtain Rod Shop is a leading industry provider. For over 10 years, we have been providing customers with the guidance that they need and the products they are looking for, creating an excellent experience for beautifying your humble abode.

For more information or to peruse our inventory please visit or contact us at 877.245.4724 with any questions.

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