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Curtain Rod Drapery Hardware - Plethora of Options

While curtain rod drapery hardware was once limited to basic parts intended to hang both drapes and curtains; the concept has been transformed over time. Today, decorative curtain rods can be found in most homes, complete with a multitude of drapery hardware that allows individuals to customize their living spaces to their specific liking.


The Curtain Rod Shop is a large online retailer specializing exclusively in window treatment hardware since 2003. We provide the best of the best for our customers and work tirelessly to provide the right information and guidance that they need when starting a home project or any aspect of dealing with curtain rods.

Many individuals are surprised at just how many options are out there when it comes to curtain rod hardware, all of which can be used in multiple ways.

  • Curtain Rods – Decorative curtain rods are an excellent way to give a window a more appealing look. Our curtain rods are of premium quality that come in a variety of materials and finishes, allowing you to make the perfect decision.
  • Curtain Rod Finials – Finials, another type of drapery hardware, are used as a decorative piece placed at the end of a curtain rod and can be available in a wide variety of styles and colors. From our grand inventory you are able to choose from a wide variety of finishes to complement your curtain rods.
  • Curtain Rod Rings – Rings are essential pieces of hardware for your curtains. This small piece of hardware holds the responsibility of tying together your whole project, a crucial component to your ensemble.
  • Decorative Holdbacks/Tiebacks - Holdbacks are another piece of curtain rod hardware that is used to dress up your window treatments. They are accompanied by a rope or tassel tieback that ties the draperies away from the window and creating an open space. Thus are an elegant touch that makes your curtain setting picture perfect.
  • Curtain Wands & Drapery Batons– These super helpful accessories are often called curtain pull or drapery pull. There purpose is to assist pulling drapery panels across the curtain rod. They can be attached to the eyelet of the curtain rod which is definitely a convenient and preventative tool to keeping the curtains soil free and intact.

The Curtain Rod Shop is your one-stop shop! Specializing in decorative curtain rods, curtain rod hardware, and more, you can be sure to find exactly what you are looking for. For more information or to peruse our online store please visit or contact us at 877.245.4724 with any questions.