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Cleaning Your Curtains -The Right Way

While many homeowners spend an adequate amount of time selecting the perfect curtain rod hardware for their home décor, many times not much time is spent on taking proper care of them.


As you may suspect, curtains are susceptible to collecting a significant amount of dirt and grime, making it essential that they are cleaned on a regular basis. Of course it is always important to understand the proper ways to maintain clean curtains in order to reduce any potential damage.



  • UV Damage and Cleaning –The liners of your curtains can be affected as a result of UV damage so it is important to be aware of any damage prior to taking your curtains to the cleaners to avoid any further damage or any surprises.


  • Dry Cleaning vs. Wet Cleaning – Dry cleaning is probably the best method to rid your curtains of any dust or grime as opposed to an onsite process which only removes surface stains. It is also important to know that your curtains will in fact shrink about 3%; therefore, it is super important that you have a professional cleaner with specialized methods perform the task.


  • The Proper Curtain Rod Hardware – The condition of your curtains can be greatly influenced by the curtain rod hardware that you choose. Without the proper rod and hooks, your curtains will not hang properly, which is a bad look overall. It is always important to obtain the proper hardware for a finished look and to lengthen the lifespan of your curtains.



For over 10 years, The Curtain Rod Shop has been providing customers with expert advice and the perfect rod and accessories when it comes to finding the proper curtain rod hardware for their homes. For more information or to peruse our inventory please visit or contact us at 877.245.4724 with any questions and/or to place an order.

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