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3 Trends in Curtain Rod Brackets You Want in Your Home

Everyone knows that the smallest details in a home, or any individual room for that matter, are often the details that have the most impact. While this is not to say that furniture or drapery aren’t important, but it does direct one’s attention to the details which says a lot about the home owner.

So, when it comes time to select even the smallest of all drapery hardware, specifically the curtain rod brackets, you don’t want to just choose whatever option is the cheapest or the most convenient. In fact, by paying attention to a few key trends, you can spruce up your home with one of the tiniest investments you’ll probably ever make.

Taking Your Drapery Hardware to the Next Level

There are many emergent trends in hardware today, all of which add value and complement the setting in their own way.

So, what is one of the most prominent trends today? Natural materials and finishes! Using eco-friendly designs and materials is in, and not just for those who strictly adhere to this type of lifestyle! Use sheer linen or bamboo window treatments for a full effect, giving your room a definite style boost.

Another trend making waves is the use of metallic. Classic metal rods, curtain rod brackets, and other drapery hardware in any shade can be the perfect addition to any room. Simply add layered drapes with metallic tones and see just how this trend plays out in your home!

One last trend worth noting is the use of stainless steel for simple, sleek lines. Drapery hardware in a stainless steel finish will never go out of style, meaning that you can use them for countless years to come, regardless of whether or not your other décor changes.

No matter what trends you’re after with your curtain rod brackets and other hardware, The Curtain Rod Shop has it all. Our variety of options gives you the ability to custom-tailor your hardware to meet your décor needs, meaning we will always have what you want.

For more information or to peruse our inventory of curtain rod brackets and more please visit or contact us at 877.245.4724.

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