Drapery Hardware Selection Tips

Choosing drapes can be difficult, but choosing drapery hardware can sometimes be even more difficult. Typically, this is due to the enormous range of options available.

By taking the time to understand just a few tips, you can make your window treatments both beautiful and functional.

Types of Hardware

Not all drapery hardware is created equal. In fact, some hardware is designed for utility whereas others are meant for decoration.

As you can imagine, utility hardware is often less expensive and more basic, mainly because it isn’t seen and is hidden by your drapes or valences. In contrast, decorative options can get expensive and offer more ornate designs and finishes because they are what will be seen when looking at the window.

Stationary v. Functional Needs

If you’re someone who regularly opens and closes your blinds, you will need a functional rod that is more likely to be utility hardware. Of course, even windows with functional curtains often have some decorative, stationary elements as well. And when it comes to hanging panels to frame the window, you will need a decorative rod that will help you make a statement.

The Right Style

Depending upon your home and /or personal preferences, you’ll choose a drapery hardware style that suits your needs and likes. Metallic or iron hardware is ideal for contemporary styling whereas wooden or ornamental rods are well suited for traditional or more stylistic homes.

It is true that it all comes down to your personal preferences when choosing drapery hardware, but by keeping these guiding factors in mind, it can make the selection process a bit easier. When looking for a variety of options of drapery hardware to choose from, one can always turn to The Curtain Rod Shop for the best selections and expert advice and guidance. For more information or to peruse our online store please visit or contact us at 877.245.4724. Look forward to hearing from you!


Robert Allen Spotlight: Decorative Curtain Rods and More

Featuring a wide range of decorative curtain rods and other drapery accessories, Robert Allen hardware offers true versatility for homeowners looking for true accents with style impact.

Known for its clean lines and adaptability to a range of different styles, homeowners seeking hardware worth the investment turn to Robert Allen again and again for the selection, style, and quality they want for their homes. Now, by turning to the selection available at The Curtain Rod Shop, you can do the same.

Exploring the Collections

Looking for the best of what Robert Allen has to offer in terms of decorative curtain rods? For true variety, you can count on The Curtain Rod Shop to deliver.

We offer a range of products for the best selection around, including:

  • Costume Drapery Hardware – This particular collection was inspired by parisian antique markets, featuring jewelry-like ornamentation that makes these decorative curtain rods in burnished silver and gold an excellent addition to any home.
  • Toscana Drapery Hardware – Finished in rich tones of gold, rust, and limestone, the Robert Allan Toscana Drapery Hardware Collection includes roped rods and beautiful finials that will make a stunning addition to your treatment area and space.
  • Traditions Drapery Hardware – Traditional hardware doesn’t have to mean boring decorations! When you purchase from the Traditions Drapery Hardware Collection, you get fluted curtain rods in a variety of stunning finishes. By adding last touches using finials from the same collection, you can make quite a statement.

With many more collections to choose from for the decorative curtain rods you want for your home, The Curtain Rod Shop’s Robert Allen hardware offers everything that you need and more.

For more information about the Robert Allen Collection or to peruse our online store please visit or contact us at 877.245.4724.


3 Trends in Curtain Rod Brackets You Want in Your Home

Everyone knows that the smallest details in a home, or any individual room for that matter, are often the details that have the most impact. While this is not to say that furniture or drapery aren’t important, but it does direct one’s attention to the details which says a lot about the home owner.

So, when it comes time to select even the smallest of all drapery hardware, specifically the curtain rod brackets, you don’t want to just choose whatever option is the cheapest or the most convenient. In fact, by paying attention to a few key trends, you can spruce up your home with one of the tiniest investments you’ll probably ever make.

Taking Your Drapery Hardware to the Next Level

There are many emergent trends in hardware today, all of which add value and complement the setting in their own way.

So, what is one of the most prominent trends today? Natural materials and finishes! Using eco-friendly designs and materials is in, and not just for those who strictly adhere to this type of lifestyle! Use sheer linen or bamboo window treatments for a full effect, giving your room a definite style boost.

Another trend making waves is the use of metallic. Classic metal rods, curtain rod brackets, and other drapery hardware in any shade can be the perfect addition to any room. Simply add layered drapes with metallic tones and see just how this trend plays out in your home!

One last trend worth noting is the use of stainless steel for simple, sleek lines. Drapery hardware in a stainless steel finish will never go out of style, meaning that you can use them for countless years to come, regardless of whether or not your other décor changes.

No matter what trends you’re after with your curtain rod brackets and other hardware, The Curtain Rod Shop has it all. Our variety of options gives you the ability to custom-tailor your hardware to meet your décor needs, meaning we will always have what you want.

For more information or to peruse our inventory of curtain rod brackets and more please visit or contact us at 877.245.4724.


Discover Kirsch Drapery Hardware – Your Total Style Solution

Don’t you just love it when one brand has it all? For most everyone, the answer is yes, and at The Curtain Rod Shop, we’re proud to feature Kirsch as a brand that embodies this very value.

Kirsch offers everything that a homeowner could want from wooden drapery hardware to designer metal hardware and beyond. This means that regardless of your preferences, or perhaps your changing taste, the one thing that will always stay the same is your ability to purchase premium drapery hardware from Kirsch.

Exploring the Collections

Kirsch offers everything for everyone, from the ornate decorating connoisseur to the simplistic richness of the Wood Trends Collection.

At The Curtain Rod Shop, we have a wide range of Kirsch hardware to choose from, elevating basic drapery hardware design into something truly unique. Select from our wide range of options and collections, including:

  • Kirsch Wood Trends – Complement your décor with rich wood drapery hardware that offers a comfortable, contemporary feel to your home.
  • Kirsch Buckingham – Finished by hand and crafted by artisans, the Buckingham collection makes contemporary décor simple. With intricate detailing, distinguishing your window treatments has never been simpler.
  • Kirsch Designer Metals – Kick your metallic drapery hardware finishes up a notch with the Kirsch Designer Metal Collection, giving you one-of-a-kind finishes style that goes beyond any basic metallic finishes.
  • Kirsch Metal Medallions and Accessories – Kirsch’s metal medallions and accessories make it simple to express yourself, seamlessly combining with other Kirsch collections and offering limitless possibilities.

The Curtain Rod Shop is your shopping destination for all of Kirsch’s products as well as the other premium drapery hardware options.

For exceptional products and the unparalleled support, service, and guidance available only from The Curtain Rod Shop, please visit or contact us at 877.245.4724 for additional information.


Top Window Treatment Trends

Between curtains, valences, and cornices, there is never a shortage of options when it comes to decorating the windows in your home. While the curtain materials and design matters, in many cases the drapery hardware plays just as important a role in helping make your windows stand out.

In fact, with just a few simple rods, finials, rings, and swag holders, you can take your home from good to great with all of the latest trends.

3 New Trends You Can Try Right Now

Looking for a simple way to spice up your home’s interior? You can take advantage of innovative new trends to breathe new life into your home with beautiful curtains and drapery hardware.

  1. Simple, Sleek Lines – In many contemporary homes today, keeping décor simple is key and this goes for window treatments as well. Choosing lighter fabrics as well as contemporary curtain rods from brands like Robert Allen can help you make the most of your windows without the fancy prints or finials that you see in more ornate décor.
  2. Refined, Luxurious Fabrics – If your décor is more traditional and elegant, drapes made from silks and velvets can make quite a statement. By complimenting them with ornate iron drapery hardware, you can make a statement without much effort.
  3. Bold Patterns – If you have simple décor but still want to change things up, going for a bold statement pattern can be just the thing to add some interest to your rooms. Then, by adding some sleek modern curtain rods and finials, you can finish up your window treatments with the perfect finishing touches.

Regardless of whether you’re looking for a total overhaul for your window treatments or if you just want something a little bit extra, The Curtain Rod Shop your one-stop shop. Our wide selection of drapery hardware means that you can always find what you need when you need it.

For more information or to peruse our collections please visit or contact us at 877.245.4724 with any questions.




The Aria Collection – Contemporary Drapery Hardware

As your prime resource for virtually all types of drapery hardware, The Curtain Rod Shop is proud to feature the Aria collection as the perfect addition to your contemporary home.

Today, the contemporary look gives your home clean lines and an uncluttered feeling that creates an environment perfect for relaxation. With minimalist style in mind, you can take advantage of this hardware to accent your décor and create a style that you can enjoy for countless years to come.

Finishes That Accommodate Virtually Any Style

With contemporary, brushed finishes and a variety of colors, Aria Metal Drapery Hardware is the go to brand for drapery hardware needs. Featuring a variety of hardware to choose from, your ability to customize your home into a truly unique setting is only limited to your imagination.

Aria hardware is available in many styles and hardware types, including:

  • Curtain Rods – With a total of nine potential curtain rod finishes, the Aria collection is perfect for anyone seeking neutral, brushed tones that can create impact in a minimalist way.
  • Finials – The sleek, metallic finishes of Aria curtain rods are complimented by blown glass finials and metal-crafted works of art that simply add a unique touch to your drapery. Use them with traditional draperies or other styles for a stunning look that offers timeless style.
  • Hold Backs – Aria hold backs allow light to enter your rooms without compromising on style. Available in multiple brushed metal finishes, these hold backs will further highlight your windows in a minimalist, beautiful manner.

Turn to The Curtain Rod Shop for Ultimate Expertise and Resources

At The Curtain Rod Shop, we pride ourselves on not just providing the best drapery hardware around, but also on providing expertise for you each step of the way.

To view the full Aria collection please visit or contact us at 877.245.4724 with any questions.


Iron Drapery Hardware: Perfect for Indoor and Outdoor Use

Amidst all of the materials that you can choose from when it comes to your hardware, iron drapery hardware stands out from the rest.

In fact, iron hardware is one of the few materials that can be used both indoors and outdoors without having to worry about wear thanks to its powder coating and premium durability.

What is Powder Coating?

If you’ve never heard of powder coating before, you’re not alone. However, it is this simple process that makes it possible to use your iron drapery hardware outdoors without compromising its quality over time.

Powder coating involves abrasive blasting and pre-treatment, electrostatic powder application, and curing in a high-temperature environment in order to form a protective layer on the exterior of your hardware. By doing so, your hardware will withstand the elements that can cause it to deteriorate quickly, giving you a beautiful finish for years to come.

Benefits of Iron Drapery Hardware

With so many options and finishes available, you might be wondering “why choose iron hardware over others?”

One of the most obvious benefits is with regard to durability. While this is particularly true for powder coated hardware being used outside, it is also important for indoor use as you can expect your curtain rods, finials, or other iron hardware to last for an extremely long time.

Additionally, you get true versatility in design and styling when it comes to iron drapery hardware. Contrary to what many believe, iron hardware is available in a variety of finishes and styles, meaning that you can specify for a product to be powder coated for it to be used outside.

Regardless of whether you’re looking for iron drapery hardware to use indoors or outdoors, The Curtain Rod Shop carries all top brands and styles for your convenience.

For more information or to view our full selection, please visit or contact us at 877.245.4724 with any questions.


Make Your Décor Pop with Ornamental Iron Drapery Hardware

Finding the perfect balance between the décor in your home and drapery hardware can be difficult, especially when you’re trying to achieve the perfect look. Because most curtain rod and other hardware materials have a distinctive style of their own, doing so can be more difficult than most people think.

But, what if there was a type of drapery hardware that you can choose to be just as unique or neutral as the décor itself? There is – Ornamental Iron Drapery Hardware.

A Diverse Range of Styles to Choose From

Iron drapery hardware is known for its ornamental carvings and design, making a statement regardless of where it’s located in your home. In fact, from elegant cutouts to details etched in the iron itself, the variety of options makes it simple for anyone to decorate no matter what qualities they’re looking for in their hardware.

Drapery Hardware with Impact

As you probably know, the mood of a room can be easily affected by the smallest details, from the centerpiece on a table to the paintings on the wall. Thus, Ornamental drapery hardware will definitely have an impact in bringing the room together. Love is in the details!

When you choose iron hardware, the rod, finials, and other accessories can be as traditional or ornamental as you would like. In particular, ornamental iron designs can be extremely simple or elaborate, allowing you to customize your selection to fit right into the desired décor.

Truly, the possibilities are endless!

Mix and Match Your Hardware for Maximum Appeal

One of the best parts about iron drapery hardware is that once you find a finish that you like, you can mix and match your hardware to create new, innovative looks. This makes the combinations endless, as purchasing new finials or rings, or holdbacks can give your drapery a fresh appeal without having to spend a lot of money.

The Curtain Rod Shop is Your Resource for Premium Drapery Hardware

The Curtain Rod Shop provides a wide range of styles from the top brands in the market dedicated to helping you choose the perfect pieces. For more information about our products or to peruse our inventory please visit or contact us at 877-245-4727 with any questions.



The Best Modern Drapery Hardware for Your Home

When it comes to decorating, choosing curtains can be an exciting way to add a personal touch to the rooms in your home. But, what about the drapery hardware itself?

Often, homeowners forget that drapery hardware can be just as important and stylish as the curtains themselves, especially when you take advantage of the full range of options available on the market today.

  • Curtain Rods – One piece of hardware that is impossible to overlook is the curtain rod itself. However, most people don’t actually take the time to choose a stylish rod because they believe that it won’t make a difference in their room. In reality, curtain rods bring the entire window treatment together and an element that you don’t want to be without.
  • Finials – If you’ve never heard of finials before, it’s important to get familiar with them because they are one type of drapery hardware that can really add character to your room. Finials attach to the ends of curtain rods to give your room a more finished look. These small touches are available in several metal and various wood finishes, giving you a wide range of options to choose from.
  • Holdbacks – Using holdbacks can help you better frame your window while still featuring your curtains. Available in a variety of styles, patterns, and materials, holdbacks can add the perfect finishing touch to a room and showcase the beauty of your curtains in a different way!

Looking for Modern Drapery Hardware?

If you’ve been searching for the perfect modern drapery hardware for your window treatments, then search no more. The Curtain Rod Shop is your one-stop shop for everything concerning drapery hardware! We offer the best variety of styles and finishes needed for window treatments.

For more information or to peruse our selections of curtain rods, finials, holdbacks, and other hardware options please visit or contact us at 877.245.4724 with any questions.


Modern Contemporary Tracks

Often, homeowners look at window décor as just another aspect of their home that is more for decorative than functional purposes. But today, more and more homeowners are realizing that beautiful décor is also functional décor. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the ability to use modern contemporary tracks for your window treatments to make daily maneuvering of your curtains a breeze.

 What Are Modern Contemporary Tracks?

\Investing in modern contemporary tracks is one of the best purchases that you can make for your home. Not only do they protect your curtains, but curtains can travel without interference from brackets. This freedom from interference means that you don’t have to worry about snagging your curtain or having difficulty moving it along the rod. Instead, it will seamlessly glide along.

Types of Modern Contemporary Tracks

While curtain rods with modern contemporary tracks might seem like an appealing option, you might still be left wondering whether or not you have a lot of choices when it comes to these specialized curtain rods. And, as a matter of fact, you do!

Like other curtains, modern contemporary tracks come in a variety of finishes, allowing you to customize them depending upon your style and preference. Although the majority of these special curtain rods are silver, other options generally include black, gold, and even wooden finishes.

Of course, there are also several popular brands to choose from, each of which boasts a different style that might appeal to you. Some of the most popular types of modern contemporary tracks include:

  • Vesta Archi T-Rail
  • Aria H-Rail Transversing Rod Kits
  • Deco Trax
  • Park Avenue Drapery Traverse Tracks

Need Help Selecting the Right Modern Contemporary Tracks for You?

If you’re looking for the perfect modern contemporary tracks to fit your everyday needs then look no further. Our expert staff at The Curtain Rod Shop can help you choose the contemporary tracks that are best suited for your curtain rods and curtains ensuring a perfect match.

For more information or to browse our inventory please visit or contact us at 877.245.4724 with any questions.